XUBUXUE. Elliptical – Photoscores for Three Improvisators – Presentation

3 Luglio 2011

XUBUXUE. Elliptical – Photoscores for Three Improvisators – Presentation

Three well-known players with instruments and monitors, a renowned visual artist and the audience listening and looking at spots of light and shade leading the improvisation: this is the core of Xubuxue. This  multiperspective project aims to explore different levels of perception, trying to experience a deep interaction between music and images as well as a new relationship between players and audience.

EllipticalPhotoscores for Three Improvisators, curated by Punto di Svista (Rome) consists of improvised music on the basis of photoscores created by the photographer and videomaker Pietro D’Agostino and the musician Marco Ariano and shown to the players and to the audience at the same time. The screen is divided by a skyline with different colors for each movement of the work (red, green, blue): from the bottom, three streams of  images enchant the audience and suggest different performing ways to the artists; from the top, specular streams of images show us what will be next. In this dreamy atmosphere, present and future melt around the skyline, our reference for both space and time, the only thing that last on the screen at the end of each section.

The four artists involved boast an important career, linked in several ways to other arts and used to improvised music. Xubuxue is formed by the percussionist Marco Ariano, also improvisational composer and visual artist, the composer and  visual artist Elio Martusciello at the laptop and  the composer Gianfranco Tedeschi playing the double bass. The photographer and  videomaker Pietro D’Agostino,  the creator of the images of the photoscores, completes the crew. The long experience and the virtuosic improvisational skills of Xubuxue offer to the listeners a fluid, intuitive and natural performance, a metamorphosis of light and sound.

Xubuxue can already boast a successful recording: a Cd and a DVD included in the CD-box Musica Improvvisa, released by Die Schachtel.

Punto di Svista 07/2011

are: Pietro D’Agostino (visual works), Marco Ariano (drums), Elio Martusciello (laptop), Gianfranco Tedeschi (double bass)

Elliptical – Photoscores for Three Improvisators is curated by Punto di Svista (Via Oderisi da Gubbio 69, 00146 Rome, Italy)

For the Project Elliptical – Photoscores for Three Improvisators, PUNTO DI SVISTA is represented by: Maurizio G. De Bonis (Film and Visual Arts Critic, President of Punto di Svista), Orith Youdovich (Photographer, Director of the magazine Punto di Svista – Visual Arts in Italy)