XUBUXUE – Elliptical Photoscores for three improvisators. Artists’ Biographies and exhibitions/concerts

3 Luglio 2011

XUBUXUE – Elliptical Photoscores for three improvisators. Artists’ Biographies and exhibitions/concerts


MARCO ARIANO was born in Rome in 1961. Drummer/percussionist, composer of improvised music, audio-visual artist. He has gone through an articulated study and research at the margins of art and philosophy, writing poetry-testing stage and sound-processing devices / strategies for music production. He has passed through jazz, ethnic music and contemporary experimentation. He plays an unconventional music.

He has performed and recorded with leading musicians from the experimental field (contemporary jazz improvisation-ethnic electronic), including Tom Harrell, Mike Mainieri, George Garzone, Don Moye, Michel Godard, Vincent Courtois, Jamilia Jazilbekova, Mauro Bortolotti, Antonello Neri, Fabrizio De Rossi Re, Daniele Del Monaco, Roberto Laneri, Elio Martusciello, Gianfranco Tedeschi, Michael Thieke, Roberto Bellatalla, Sandro Satta, Paolo Damiani, Antonio Iasevoli, Francesca Cassio.

He has collaborated with artists and artistic groups (theater-dance-poetry-video-visual arts), including: Marcello Sambati / Dark Camera, Joan Summa, Fabrizio Crisafulli / Il Pudore Bene in Vista , Pietro D’Agostino / Pan-Ikon, Marco Giovenale, Isabella Bordoni / Progetti per le Arti (Projects for the Arts), Jennifer Scappettone, Teppei Nogaki. He is founder / co-founder of the improvisational heterogeneous groups linked to practices such as Opera Mutica, Xubuxue, FonoMetalCorpus and Difforme Ensemble.

He founded the art research laboratory CarneCeleste with whom he developed the idea of a “theater of sound events” making performances, installations and multimedia works, from La Vacuità Splendente a n frammenti limbici, from Degli Insetti a Epistole dal Non-dove. He published the collection of poetic/performative  texts Le voci tatuate. He has participated in important exhibitions and festivals in Italy and abroad (France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, England, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico). He is working at the National Academy of Dance in Rome.


2010 – Via dall’Europa. La poesia del mondo (Away from Europe. Poetry in the World), Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Rome; Med-Jazz, Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Denizli (Turkey)
2009 – Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edimburgo (UK);
2008 – 45° Festival Nuova Consonanza, American Academy, Rome; Steirischer Herbst, Kunsthaus, Weiz (Austria); Museo MADRE, Naples; Orestiadi, Gibellina;
2007 – Festival Musicas Do Mundo, Sines (Portogallo); 44° Festival Nuova Consonanza, American Academy, Rome;
2006 – Womex, Siviglia (Spain); Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edimborough (UK);
2004 – Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Santarcangelo di Romagna (Italy);
2003 – Roccella Jazz Festival, Roccella Jonica; Euro Jazz, Centro Nacional de las artes, Mexico City;
2002 – Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, (Argentina);
2001 – EvoCava – Laboratory of Contemporary Art, Cava Borella, Vagli (Lucca – Italy);
2000 – Progetto Musica 2000 – Nuove Forme Sonore (Project Musica 2000 – New Sound Forms), Sala Casella, Rome;
1999 – La Tentation, Bruxelles (Belgium); Cultureel Centrum Deurne, Antwerpen (Belgium)
1997 – IV Avrupa Caz Gunleri, Smirne (Turkey);
1996 – Blues Mediterran, WDR, Koln (Germany); Scena Aperta, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome;
1994 – Italian Cultural Institute, Frankfurt (Germanu); Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte, Montepulciano (Italy);


PIETRO D’AGOSTINO lives in Rome where he was born in 1958.

He has been a professional photographer since 1982. Over the years he developed a close and instinctive relationship with light, using photography and more recently video as an instrument of exploration and expression. In 1998 together with Nicola Forenza and Alessandro Vescovo he founded the Pan-ikon, a project aiming to launch the unexpressed potential and demonstrate the specific expressive

capacity of photography. In 2001 he started to collaborate with the publishers of Cultframe, an on-line magazine, writing articles concerning enquiries and the perceptive potentials that may be explored and developed with the camera. He continues to collaborate, andhas participated in various performances with experimental musicians such as Marco Ariano, Elio Martusciello , Vincent Courtois, Gianfranco Tedeschi, with the poets Marco Giovenale, Sara Ventroni and Prisca Agustoni and with the dancer Alessandra Cristiani.

PIETRO D’AGOSTINO – Exhibitions, Videos and Publications

2009 Rome Experience #1 – Galleria Gallerati curated by Maurizio G.De Bonis
2009 Rome – Act without actors – Rialto SantAmbrogio pictures and text with Marco Giovenale edited by Scatole Sonore
2008 Rome – Italian Experimental Cinema – Nuovo Cinema Aquila – edited by Piero Pala
2008 Rome – Trasform’action festival buto Dance, Furio Camillo’s theater, foto and video and installation “entrana” of Alessandra Cristiani
2006 Rome FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale (Rome International Photography Festival) “An Experience of Light” ,Rialto S.Ambrogio edited by Piero Pala (Pan-ikon)
2006 Padova aprile fotografia (Padua April Photography) Palazzo Monte di Pietà “First Light” collective exhibition edited by Roberto Salbitani
2006 Ciampino (Rm) Presentimenti (Presentiments) – Art Festival “for oscillating lines” Photo scores for three improvisers with Marco Ariano on drums-live electronics, Vincent Courtois violoncello, Marco Colonna clarinet
2005 Ancona Polytechnic March University “Prima Luce” collective exhibition edited by Roberto Salbitani
2005 Velletri (Rm) Il Narvalo Contemporary Art “everything is more fragile than it seems ” personal exhibition edited by Serafina Carone
2003 Rome, La Camera Verde Cultural Centre “Modulations” personal exhibition edited by Andrea Semerano and Francesca Vitale
2002 Milan, Casa di Tolleranza Exhibition Area of Contemporary Art “Untitled” (Pan-ikon e Riccardo Boldorini) edited by Giorgio Dal Basso
2002 Rome, Studio Campo Boario “Light of my Eyes” (Pan-ikon) edited by Alberto D’Amico and Maurizio G. De Bonis
2000 Rome, International Cinema Show, The Cinema Island “The Light of Morpheus ” (Pan-ikon) edited by Guido Laudani
2000 Rome National Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery “Début” Pan-ikon by Elena di Majo and Mariastella Margozzi


2010 “degli insetti – entomofonie immaginali” from an idea of Marco Ariano
2008  4’39”dvd Abstracta Film Festival selection 2008, Italian Experimental Cinema with essential partecipation of Alessandra Cristiani
2005 “Transcriptions” Video début in three parchments, sound artist Marco Ariano 9′ 16″ DVD selection and special mention by the Jury of the 2006 Abstracta Film Festival, Rome Abstract International Cinema Festival
2003 “Rotor” video animation based on an idea by G. De Bonis, director Alberto D’Amico, sound artist Marco Ariano, photographs Pan-Ikon 2′ 58″ dvd

2007 “Una Qualita Ritrovata”, a short story and 50 images about Lazio fields, edited by Stefano Abbadessa Mercanti with a introduction of Chiara Proietti, an edition Mercanti Editore Grottaferrata (Rm).
2006 “A neve ilìcita” forty-six short stories by Prisca Agustoni, photographs on cover and seven in the book, dialogue with texts, publisher Nankin Editorial San Paolo del Brasile.
2004 “Libro Schiavo” the catalogue of catalogues edited by Enzo Cucchi, edited by Giorgio Bertelli, text by Piero Cavellini, Obliquo Brescia edition
2003 “Modulations” with a text by Francesca Vitale, silver photogram collection, La Camera Verde Rome edition
2001 “tesse” text by Marco Giovenale with 33 original limited series photographic prints, edited by pulcinoelefante Osnago -Lc-


ELIO MARTUSCIELLO (born 23 November 1959, Naples, Italy) is an Italian experimental music composer and performer, principally on guitar and computer. He has studied photography with Mimmo Jodice and visual art with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano and Rosa Panaro. He is a self taught musician/composer and teaches “electronic music” at Conservatory of Music, Cagliari, Italy. His compositional aesthetics are derived from acousmatic issues, but in addition to acousmatic composition he composes for instruments and live electronics, sound installation, multi-media works, audiovisual art and computer music improvisation.
He is a founding member of “IATO” (musicians collectives), “IXEM” (Italian eXperimental Electronic Music) and “BOWINDO” (experimental italian label).
He currently lives in Rome, Italy.

ELIO MARTUSCIELLO – Presentations, concerts and conferences at other International festivals, universities, associations and reserch centres include:

VIII Festival di Musica Contemporanea-900 Musicale Europeo (Napoli), Ina-GRM (Paris), Futura (Crest & Lyon), Les Musiques (Marseille), Link (Bologna), Musica Verticale (Roma), Synthèse (Bourges), CRM (Roma), Henie Onstad Arts Centre (Oslo), PANaroma (São Paolo do Brasil), Connecticut College (New London-USA), Centre d’études et de recherche Pierre Schaeffer (Paris), Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (Seoul), Soundscapes Symposium (Barcelona), Spaziomusica (Cagliari), 102 rue d’Alembert (Grenoble), Istituto Gramma (L’Aquila), Césaré (Reims), Musica Millemondi (Napoli), MM&T (Milano), “Inventionen 2000” Berliner Festival Neuer Musik (Berlin), Zeppelin (Barcelona), Festival for ny musikk “Music Factory” (Bergen), Institut für Neue Musik und Musikerziehung (Darmstadt), Attraversa/o (Palermo), International Music Festival (Besençon), Elektrophonie (Doubs), Festival “Entre cour et jardins” (Dijon), Dispositif Coopèratif Audio “Collective Jukebox 4.0” (Genéve), Festival Acces-s, Culture Electoniques (Pau), Trans’électroacoustique, Project’son Festival (Marseille), Controindicazioni (Roma), Musiques Vivantes / GMVL “Aujourd’Hui Les Musiques du Futur” (Lyon), Electronicittà (Marseille), PEAM/03 “Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting” (Pescara), microOnde (Montessu), KuenstlerHaus “compilations & databases” (Bremen), Superfici Sonore “ixem” (Firenze), Dissonanze (Roma), Rien à voir (Montréal), Dal Niente Projects (London), Espace Odyssées (Paris), Raum (Bologna), EMS – Festival (Stockholm), Elettronicittà (Marseille), Festival di nuova consonanza (Roma), Kontakte (Cagliari), Risonanze (Venezia), Projektgruppe neue musik (Bremen), L’espace du son (Bruxelles), Interzona (Verona), Festival Archipel (Genève), Musique Action (Nancy), Interferenze (San Martino Valle Caudina), Angelica (Bologna), Someone Says Somethings (London), Acousmania (Bucarest), musicaXimmagine (Firenze), Akousma (Montréal), Signal (Cagliari), Istants Chavirés (Paris), Pannonica (Nantes), Siberfest IV – International Electronic Music Community Concert (Sibiu – Transilvania), XVIII Jornadas Internacionales de Musica Electroacustica (Cordoba – Argentina), Sonoimágenes (Buenos Aires), Inouï (Avignon), Miniere Sonore (Oristano), Druskomanija (Vilnius), Sguardi Sonori (Schio), ContemporaneaMente (Lodi), Electric audio unit (Oslo), Radio Rai (Italy), La Musique est-elle un Art de combat? (St. Petersburg), Radio Adelaide (Australia), SwissNex (San Francisco), CNMAT (Berkeley), RSI-Radiotelevisione svizzera (Swiss), Ibrasotope (São Paulo), etc.


GIANFRANCO TEDESCHI has a degree in double bass with Maestro G. Pani. He studied analysis and composition with Maestro B. Porena with whom he collaborated in its Center for Research and Experimentation. He studied orchestral arrangement with G.Gazzani. As a classical musician he has played with the Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese and cooperates with the Academy of Santa Cecilia.

As a composer he has created works for theater and dance performances presented at major international festivals: the Buchner’s Woyzeck at the Venice Biennale, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses at the Venice Biennale, Paris, Grenoble, Strasbourg and Caen, description of a battle Kafka to Monaco, Budapest, Moscow and Tokyo, the Trial by Kafka in Porto, Lausanne, Hamburg, Florence and Palermo, Moliere’s Don Giovanni in Paris and Strasbourg; men and animals stories from Ovid in Syracuse and Rome; the Paradise by Milton for the Teatro di Roma; Metaphysical Cabaret proposed in the major Italian opera houses; in 2005 he composed music for the Argonauts show produced and presented at the Auditorium of Rome; in February 2006 on the occasion of the Cultural Olympiad in Turin wrote the music for Dance Theatre’s show “The Color White” was performed for the entire period of the Winter Olympics; writes the music for the show produced by the Dionysia Festival in Syracuse in the summer of 2006 and is still the author for the second part produced by Dionysia ‘ Auditorium Parco della Musica and presented at the International Festival of Villa Adriana in 2007; in 2008 wrote the music for the show Between earth and sky with musicians of the Orchestra of the Teatro Bellini in Catania; yet in 2008 he composed music for a show of Pino Pascali, who in 2009 wrote the music for Gertrude Howard Barker on stage at the Theatre National de l’Odeon (Paris) again for the Odeon in 2010 he composed music for La Ronde du Carre D. Dimitriadis, for the “stones of Matera” in 2010 composed the music for “The City of Stone”. For the dance has worked with Adriana Borriello (Polverigi festival, festival of one-act plays of Arezzo, Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome) has also collaborated with the Blu Company and Silvana Barbarini.

As instrumentalist has collaborated with L. Smith, L.Ochs, A. Baars, I. Hennemann, W. Fuchs, J. Tilbury, T. Lehn, K. Hyder, E. Martusciello, M. Schiano, G. Schiaffini, E. Colombo, S. Tramontana, M. Coen, P. Ravaglia, B. Smith, T. Honsinger etc.etc. As soloist he has a programme with musics by Cage, Scelsi, Porena, Guaccero and Bussotti.

He has performed in numerous shows and festivals: Nuova Consonanza, Musica Verticale, Nuove forme Sonore, Controindicazioni, Documenta Festival, Festival delle arti in Zurich, festival d’Autunno in Paris, Spoleto Festival, Milano Jazz, Atina Jazz, Noci Festival, Festival Jazz in Pisa, Prato Jazz, Istituzione Universitaria Concerti, ecc ecc. With the group Alea Nova he premiered a score by E. Morricone (Rome, L’Aquila, Cagliari), he has collaborated with the group AlgoRitmo directed by M. Angius. He works with the writer Edoardo Albinati within a project between words and music (Svenimenti) e he has realized with Eleonora Danco “Sorelle? based on a text by Marco Lodoli. He has collaborated with the composer  F. de Rossi Re realizing the show Musica senza cuore with P. Cortellesi. He has written the music for  Virtualia radiodramma based on texts by E. D’Angerio, programmed by Rai Radio tre suite. He has recorded a number of  CDs. He is a member of the Association Nuova Consonanza and directs a laboratory of composition in a school in Rome.

GIANFRANCO TEDESCHI – CONCERTS (selection, also included in the biography)

Festival of Polverigi (1996); Documenta festival (1997); Festival of Budapest (1998); Festival of Porto (1999); Arts Festival of Zurich (1999); Festival of Moscow (2000); Rome Theatre (2000- 2004); Festival of Hamburg (2001); Festival of Tokyo (2001); Festival of Munich (2001); Festival of Caen, Grenoble and Losanne (2002); Venice Biennale (2002 -2003); Greek Theatre of Siracusa (2003-2004); Auditorium of Rome (2005- 2006); Festival of Culture in Turin (2005); Festival of Spoleto (2006-2007); Odeon National Theatre in Paris (2008-2009); Festival of Catania (2009); Festival of the City of Matera (2010).